Human error cause of aircraft incident: report (Australia) from examiner.





Los factores humanos llegaron para quedarse.Human error was behind a Virgin aircraft pitching forward after take off from Launceston Airport a preliminary report has found.
On January 4 a Boeing 737 was operating a scheduled passenger service from Launceston to Melbourne.

Soon after takeoff the flight crew, “who were experiencing a relatively high workload at the time”, failed to switch to a different vertical flight mode.

As a result the airspeed slowly reduced.

The crew did not detect the reducing airspeed until the aircraft was approaching the minimum manoeuvre speed at about 26,000 feet, the investigation found.

In response to the low speed, the crew reduced the aircraft pitch until it entered a shallow descent in an attempt to accelerate.
Proper acceleration was then established.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said its investigation was focusing on the human factors associated with auto-flight awareness.

A bureau spokeswoman said the final report isn’t expected until late March.

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