Vía Scoop Independent Media: Risk management approach to aviation safety required?

Noticia original: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/BU1305/S01129/risk-management-approach-to-aviation-safety-required.htmPress Release: Civil Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority is seeking the views of New Zealand’s aviation sector on a proposal to require a risk management approach to aviation safety.

The CAA is recommending a move to risk-based regulation, moving New Zealand in line with international standards.

Director of Civil Aviation, Graeme Harris said: ‘The aviation system plays a vital role in New Zealand’s economy. But, growth in aviation activity poses a challenge. While our aviation system is currently one of the safest in the world, if accident rates are not reduced, the number of accidents will grow as activity increases. Thus, hazards and associated safety risks must be better managed.’

‘Because risks include a wide variety of factors the challenge for aviation organisations and regulators is to proactively manage these to avoid accidents. We need to evolve our approach to safety to further reduce accident rates.’ Mr Harris said.

What this means for the sector

‘The proposed change means that operators would be required to implement a risk management framework, such as a Safety Management System (SMS). SMS has recently been adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation as standard international practice.’ He said.

To obtain even greater safety and value, the CAA is considering whether its use should be mandatory across the New Zealand system, both internationally and domestically. More information can be found on the CAA website, www.caa.govt.nz/sms.

The Civil Aviation Authority is already shifting its focus to a risk-based approach to safety oversight and prioritising regulatory interventions in the aviation system.

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